Tuesday, August 24, 2010




Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time to leave.
Bidding goodbye.
I have no guts to tell you bout it.
I hope you can feel it.

Say hi to another new world.
@ Vancouver, Canada.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

So it's Valentines day today, but I hate to say that, I don't know =)

Happy CNY

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life after SPM?
The friends? some working, some studying in college, some went overseas.
Me? being free at all times, waking up at 8.30am for work.
My work? for dad @ office, flexible time, I declared myself. AHHA
Been slacking alot out there, but nothing similar like before.
The coffee or alcohol session, movie times, driving times ........
Leaving in 3 months time, heading HK for shopping first!
CNY is around, but I haven't bought anything.
I need to shop, but I don't know why, I haven't got the mood to.
I'm just so lazy for everything nowadays.
Where to get BIG, PRETTY, UNIQUE, LIGHTWEIGHT luggage?
Is waiting for the iPhone 4G to launch this year.
Is looking for a new watch for everyday wear, Longines!
Is not having good appetite but gets hungry very often.
Is not having the perfect daily routine.
Is having complicated thoughts.
Did mistake but still the same thing happens.

Haven't been clubbing for a long time.
On a Saturday night after dinner, I came home with dad.
Dad : Why are you at home on Saturday night?
Me : Lazy to go out.
Dad : You're legal for clubs.
Me : Yes but I'm sick of clubs, live band places can lah.
Dad : Oh, You're old.
Me : I think so, go die.
Dad : Okay, enjoy when you go out.
Me : WTF?

During the Define Event in Auto City.
Before that, we went to Tao for dinner.
8 of us.
Later on, I met JonTan , went in to the party place.
It's huge, free flow, OMG.
Then hung around with SC & Kent.
Met everyone in there, Kenn Samual Samuel Sabrina Charlene & everyone else.
Ezra was already drunk when I met him, ROAR. puking smmore.
Good times we had, SC & Kent were both drunk.
I almost died in his car. AHHA

Mr Sam Beh!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

The CHRISTMAS update.
okay very much late I know. HAHA

Did the last minute decision,
like the day before, hours before,
for the Genting & KL trip.
Great company and everything.
SC ; TongLing ; Darren
Kent ; Jing ; TianSiang ; Celene
Bowen ; Xin Rou
Left for KL @ 6.30am on 24th Dec.
Mr Lee S.C fetched me from home at 6am, headed to Kent's house.
Everyone left from there, 3 cars =)
Ipoh for dimsum, then went down to KL to fetch TongLing.
Reached Genting around noon, took number for hotel to check in.

In KL.

While waiting for TongLing.


On our way up, we did something fun.
Cornering & the roundabout for 5 rounds that got me dizzy. AHHA
*hello* Genting Highlands.



SC ; TongLing ; TianSiang

Lunch @ Old Town.

Checked in & realized they booked the wrong room.
Was suppose to get a bigger room, how great.

The mess of the room.

Later on, washed up, me and Jing went to walk around.
The rest were sleeping in the room , one doing his work.
First World Plaza

After roaming around Genting, both of us went back to the room.
Waited for the rest to get ready & had dinner @ Sushi King.

TongLing, LOLLLL

Kent & Jing.

Everywhere packed like sardine.

Got some fresh air out there @ Highlands Hotel, FUN.

Walked around again, humans everywhere, jammed.HAHA
Even bumped into friends, Genting isn't that big ey?

I saw this, in Bum City, wtf is this shit.

Had a walk outside First World Plaza.

We bought sweet potato ; super sexpensive.

I likey this picture!

@ around 11ish, we went to this pub or somewhat called.
The one in the middle of First World Plaza.
The live band was GREAT! seriously.

SC's *apple* was our company for the 3 days 2 nights.
We brought broadband along, LOL


Celene & Tong Ling

SC & TianSiang.

I guess I was looking at dad's msg.
I text him Merry Christmas
He replied Same to you and enjoy.

Stripper of the night , the ah gua! HAHA

AWWW, sexy?

Some random kid, he's CUTE!
The parents drank with us too!

aww she looks grumpy

There goes the stripping job again.

Enjoying some *view*

Me likey this.

Tong Ling & Darren

This picture looks weird.

A bucket of Carlsberg for RM120. HAHA

NYEHHH after the countdown.

Hi guys.

Tong Ling ; Darren ; Kent ; SC

Bestie =)

Then, I didn't have to take anything cause I've got my *maid*,
to hold my camera & bag for me =)

random shit.

Then, we decided to have a walk outside , some cold breeze.
Cooling much, I was just wearing sleeveless top. AHHA

Then we met this masked man , YENG!

I look pale =(

TongLing *broked* his arm, asking for money.
We took vids, teasing random people asking for money. AHHA

Kent was too nice to give him RM50

It was already 2am I think, humans everywhere , still.

oh hi.

Tong Ling forced me to take pictures with his friends.
LOL, I don't even know them.

At 3am, SC, TongLing & me had KFC for supper.
We couldn't find a place that sells beer to bring back to the room.

I don't remember what time they got up, cause we woke up late.
Then I found pictures in my camera. AHHA

Encik Kazaf Babu

Before leaving.

Checked out & squeezed all the way till car park.
Heavy mist day.

Straight down to Mid Valley to meet up Bowen & Xin Rou.
Had lunch @ this place, I forgot where, but serves Nyonya food.

My laksa / bihun / whatever curry. LOL

Nasi Lemak.

Friend bihun with rendang or something.

We then walked around The Gardens, SALES everywhere.
HUMANS around too.
Coach was having huge sales I think, everyone's queing for it.
Wanted to shop in Zara, but gotta wait to try & pay, so forget it.
Randomly walked around with humans everywhere.

Bowen ; Tian Siang ; Celene.

Hi Mid Valley.

Me ; SC ; Tong Ling went for beer @ Delicious.
Bowen & Xin Rou came, the rest headed down to Bukit Bintang.

Ignore my lame face.

TongLing @ Kazaf Babu

Mr Lee.

Left The Gardens around evening, went home to rest.
I was really tired cause lacked of sleep for days.
Bathed & slept till 11, then went to Mont Kiara.

Drove around, found this place, Black Hole.

@ Black Hole. Not that happening on Christmas night.

Then, after drinking again, we drove down to town.
KLCC area it was, but too late, no time for clubs.
Met up with friend&gf a lil while & had our loklok supper. LOL

Chit chatting by the roadside.


Went home around 3ish, had our talks, then slept.
Got up around noon, washed up, headed out for lunch.
Bak Kut Teh it was.

After the lunch, us 3 left KL first, the rest went 1-U.

Driver driver! HAHA

How to reach home w/o petrol!

Will update about the NEW YEAR soon.
Been busy lately.
Not having enough sleep,
having great company each time,
waking up @ 8.30am everyday on weekdays,
sleeping @ 4am each morning everyday,
having lots of thoughts in mind all times.

Afterall, I had the best 2 days in 2009.
Christmas & New Year.