Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some lil update after a week.
Nothing much happened in this new year instead I spent most time in Penang.
I got to spend lots of time with family and friends too.

First day on CNY,
while we were waiting for relatives to visit.
I went over to the house next to mine,
which is my uncle's,
chilled with my cousin bro and sis.
We took pictures of those soft toys tho.
Love the phone huh?
Gavin gave me this!
Lil Gavin with his Snoopy.
Dont he look adorable?
Rubbish bin!
For the first time I felt that I like it.
Ive got no idea for what I did.
Gavin! aint he cuteeee???
Aww love this babe.
Spot the stud?
well, something actually happened
on err 12th Feb, 3.30am in some ppl's place.
Shoes of 5 grandchildrens of my grandparents.
Had lion dance at home too.
Well, all 16 of us among relatives and friends went gathering at night.
Watched CJ 7 then headed down to AutoCity.
The night was great in Tao.
We had wine, I had my Tequila Pop again.
Bumped into SiongChuan,Kent,ChienShen,TongLing and gang.
They were like so shock to see me after not seeing each for so long.
Tiring day.

Second day of new year.
I went over Penang, mom's place.
went for lunch at some place then we visited aunty kat's house.
my cousin bro aint there, nobody to talk with since i aint close with others.
So well, we went for dinner at HaiBoey seafood restaurant.
Somewhere at Teluk Kumbar.
First thing of all will be
"Yee Sang".
For each table, there will surely be.
My fav dish of the night.
Then went home, continued with THIS one.
guess what,
a pro shuffler.
extra big wordings cards from casino
Later on HawShyan,HawYang,JieLoon came over my place.
We chilled awhile, had a lil screams!
shhhhh. not to tell what happened!
They left around 2am since JieLoon need to go home.

Third day of celebration.
Went Burmese Temple to pray awhile then got home.
Mom called lion dance over.
Chorleones came.
Jon was in Ipoh then.
They headed down to Gurney then I went dinner.
Hawshyan came over with TeongLuen later around 11pm,
then dropped him home and came over again.
Talked a lil while then he left to DJoint.
The day was kind of bad due to some happening.

Fourth day.
I got up around 10 something after Mahjong game which ended at 3,
then had lunch at home.
Uncle Donny went back to Taiwan with Lika and his mother inlaw.
Then we were sort of not that many ppl again.
Hawshyan came to fetch me around 1 something,
Chicky,Kenny,Hawyang were sleeping in car.
went to his place, I slept again.
Went out around 8 to Gurney,
fetched Hawyang then we left for dinner.
Wanted to go Ali, but it was CLOSED.
its like for the 1st time I see them close.
So we went another place instead.
After dinner got to go back his place, passed his sis her stuffs.
Then I went home, they went KeanHong's.

Dad was having his company lunch the next day,
so I got home on Monday around 11am.
Starview restaurant again,
nice lunch tho.
They call this
" pun choi ".
I met up with Calvin and Gary after lunch in Mega Cue snooker place.
Then they gamed I was dreaming.
Walked around Pacific and all,
dad fetched me home at 7.
Went to Adryan's place at 12am,
Hawshyan fetched.
Naresh was in the car too.
Eugene, and a few more were there.
got to make new friends tho.
They had party there so we chilled around.
3.30am, my tongue stud actually came out,
and I SWALLOWED the ball.
Went to Pelita at 3.45 then I went home at 4.30.
Thats how my day ended.
School day.
I hate today,
being lonely in class,
LayPeng was absent.
I slept most of time as I was kind of so-sick.
School's off on Friday,
so lets see how the plan goes on.

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