Sunday, March 30, 2008

THANKS people, for reviving alright.
Love you guys much! xoxo.

All I meant was,
CHORLEONES people!!!

credits to em.

Like no others, only US!

Back to this week,
as usual, nothing much did went on actually.
It's the "cheng beng" month for chinese,
which means we pray by the grave,
so I did went this morning.
We had real good talks and foods there!
Next week to IPOH!
Reminds me of FOODS again,
not to forget,
certain club there are AWESOME babeh.

Went movie instead of club last night.
was a last minute plan.
Was with Maggie,ChienShen,Kent.
Watched The Water Horse in Sunway's GSC,
then late night supper in BM.
Char Koay Teow!
haha its famous around there,
whenever we're there we'll go for it.
Whoops, I good I was huh for not going club.
No kang tao marh, how to go? LMAO.
They were sleeping like PIG!

I need some rest,
there goes some picture of the day.
Was lazy to take pictures tho,
so here , the simple ones.

The massive jam from both junction into the place.
Stucked for more than 30mins.
It's around 7 only u know.

The sky got brighter already.
Spot the one with shade.

The so-called sunrise. LMAO

we even bought KENTUCKY.
24hours mah, good rite?
We actually got more foods next i dono where they put.

Brother, cousins.
Setting up the to-be-burn thingy.
All they have was like
LV ones i tell u,
latest model of handphones,
changing every year okay!

Off to bed.

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