Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ive got tons of pictures to be uploaded,
still, yet,
enjoying my lovely holidays.
Yesterday should have be a good day,
but shit just happened later in the evening,
went to Gurney in the afternoon,
chilled with everyone, got bored bored bored,
then I, myself went Sega to drink.
Bumped into Brandon with his friends;
I was the youngest among all,
talked alot too and Jackson treated me!
and and and
met the rest up; talked; chilled;
left for Sri Ananda's for something,
then I left for home earlier for mahjong.
Around 1.30, Kenny came to fetch me,
headed down to club,
and I met alot alot alot of friends,
some of graduated school mates and some buddies.
Most guys got drunk,
they suck when they're all drunk,
we need to carry them, drag them,
wait for their vomits and everything,
FUCKKKK. it's just not my thing.
Not to mention those shits,
never want to be involved in the thing,
I HATE IT to the max.
haha thanks for calling from Aust
kill my boredom,
talk rubbish with F words,
hahaha we both know. LMAO
So well, I'll try to update more stuffs soon,
dont really feel like updating pictures,
due to some connection slow problem.

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