Sunday, October 12, 2008

The another weekend.
Was suppose to study around Gurney,
BUT, well, I did, late!

Kick start of the Saturday.
& then I met them in Winter Warmers.
I had my lunch, so just chilled with em.
Kenneth ; Ron ; Bryan ; Joan

That's me!

The random pictures.

Met lots of the friends around tho!

Later on awhile after chilling,
we headed to KW Pet Shop.

The proud owner of Spark@tortoise name.

His new baby.
Kenn is the tortoise man!

Raccoon for 3k , anyone?

Okay, that's random.

In the car, on the way dropping Joan.
To prevent it from shitting on my palms.

It's pretty, I missed mine too!

Later on went back to Ron's place,
Kenn dropped his Spark home,
the tortoise that gets horny and there's sperm shit!
Then beach was it.

That's him!

Pretty rocks and nice weather.


It was then windy!

I rocked footscape ; levis skinny ; G2000 top.

The guys.
Ron ; Kenneth ; Bryan
Kit ; Ritchie ; Cheese(Ron's cousin)

This is beach.

Then after all,
Ron dropped me back to Gurney around 7,
I chilled in Sega,
Jon came awhile,
met U-Khee too.
Stayed there studied a lil.
Heineken and calamari was dinner then.
Watched Mama Mia with mom at 9:15.
The movie was nice,
I guess it's 90% senior citizens, 5% kids, 5% of ppl at my age.
Overall, I love those songs.

Got up around 11, NWP - Passions of Kerala for banana leaf rice.
Dad fetched me home around 3,
headed over to Jusco BM for some stuffs.
And I bumped into Eric, he just got back from Australia.
Bought doughnuts tho.
There goes my another weekend.

Dad says the cloud looks like atomic bomb!

Mushroom cloud.

seriously. SHH

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