Friday, October 17, 2008

The not so happy day for us TANS.

Woke up as usual in the morning,
then headed to Jetty for Island.
Airport was the next destination ,
Chia Ee's mom fetched me . Thanks auntie.
I never liked airport, unless I'm the one who's flying.
I never liked to send friends or anyone off WITHOUT me!
* selfishness of ME *

That's from us Tans & another box of chocolate too!
* I know it's a lil messy, I did it.*

We actually lied to him & everything , made him DOWN.
He was totally down last night I guess, we felt BAD!
So he did not went early to the airport, and we DID!
Reached around 8.30 or something, chilled at MCD.
I had my hash browns and coffee, then Chia Ee and me talked a lot!

Around 9.30, he reached & called me?
Then I told him I was in class and shits all the stuffs ,
saw Vic then OFF we went to see him.
He was so so
suprised I bet & got outta his mind!
Paul and Kenny made all their way from Georgetown to send him after PMR.
And yes, they did made it in time, just right before he stepped into the boarder!

The lil man in dark.

Calvin ; Chia Ee ; Daphne

& after that, me and Chia Ee took a cab to Gurney,
guess what, it was only around 10.30-11.00 that time.
Shops were all half opened, not so many people around,
besides those in uniforms chilling around after their PMR.
Met Kelly , meanwhile, I couldn't recognize her in her specs!
I did met Chien Ming too.
Well then, Paul & Kenny made some stupid shits,
then us both went to ask for something.
Lunch was at Kim Gary & thanks Chia Ee for the treat! xoxo.

The 2 turn off guys.

She then left for school & I got bored with the guys.
Met up with Felicia, Adelene, HawYang, Shaun in CoffeeBeans,
then MegaQ was next for the whole time.
Not so normal, it was flooded with all the form 3's there.

I did met a lot of friends there today suprisingly.
Watched Eagle Eyes with the gang & chilled later on.
Met ShanYang and everyone , and I left for Coffee Beans.
Bumped into Yang there too.

Mom fetched me from Gurney & there goes my day.
It's a pretty nice day but yet, a sad one.

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