Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holiday started off great.
Got over to Island on Friday after school.
Ron ; Kenn ; Justin ; Kit fetched.
Then KW and CTY pet shops to explore.
Ron's house, FOOOODS!
potato bake he made was yummay seriously.
mmmHmmmm. Home @ night , just random.
Gurney on Saturday @ 4pm I guess.
It was the new wing opening & yes, seriously PACKED.
Chia Ee fetched . *thanks*
Met up with Eesa first, then Parkson was next.
Too many new brands, Anna Sui , Benefit , and SO ON!
& one thing, there's VERA WANG's parfume! *loves*
Ladies department was then tooooo interesting.
I don't need to go KL for DKNY & CK & LeSporTac.
There's this Che Che brand too! just, Paris Hilton& JLo TOO!
I bought a pair of sandals , and thats it for the day.
* I need my dad to go with me* DROOOOOLS
Met up Tett , then Cleo ; Joan ; Emily and all in Winter Warmers.
The gang were all there, then later on I had late lunch @ Nandos.
Nandos turned so pretty, 2 floors okay ,with outdoor seat too.
New wing has got NafNaf ; MNG ; CK Jeans ..............
Paranoid! the oh so new streetwear shop babe!
Then all the random stuff , random people.
Bella Italia for dinner with Chia Ee, Eesa & Marcus.
PIZZA! then I left with Ron & Tha .
There goes my day, NO CLUB!
Sunday, GURNEY againnnnnn.
Pictures up soon okay, I never brought my cable out.
Have fun people.

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