Monday, December 29, 2008

Updates for Christmas Eve.
This year's eve was rather plain but fun.
I never want a hectic one,
spraying around dirty myself mess all up.

On the very day,
dad dropped me to Gurney around noon,
I chilled in Coffee Bean while waiting for the rest.
Met Bryan & Kit @ Mega Q then hang around.
Later on Calvin ; Melvin ; Victor arrived.
Headed to Sega for beer , talked.
Marcus came , then Cat & Kelly came.
We talked alot alot, god knows how long since we last talked.
So, later on Kelly & Cat left for dinner,
then me, Mel, Vic went hanging around.
Talked to ZhiYang, was the last time before he left to UK.
MCD was is, for dinner & I left.
Went back around 3am.

Liang Chieh was giving away candy canes!

By Cat & Kelly.

Us Us.

Kelly ; Vic

Hi George, I'm George, are you George?


Hi I'm George, Are you George? by Mel.


We love Toys R Us

Gamblers of the night.

Getting ready for CNY?
Helped out grandma with these, on Christmas Day.

Headed to Gurney @ Noon, met up with Kelly.
Later on Ron came , we talked.
Then Calvin ; Melvin ; Victor came.
Chilled for some time, we spread off.
Me, Vic, Mel went for A&W .
I left around evening, dad fetched me to Auto City.
For some dinner appointment , then to see his booth.
Later on, I disappeared to somewhere.

I guess that's all for now, I'm tired.