Saturday, January 10, 2009

9th of January.
Sort of a normal school day on a Friday, urging for the weekend.
Got home, realized there's this huge parcel near the stairs with my name.
There's this very very cute soft-toy dog & so on.
I appreciate everything, it's the heart that counts.
I treasure everything .
I declare this day as the happiest day of year.

It seems like this new year ain't a good one for me.
I miss those years, days back then.
I've always been wanting something different this year,
indeed, it's just so different outta my expectations.
Friends changed , makes a huge difference.
It makes me feel like urging for the graduation to come soon,
& I'll just get to leave here to no where out of now here.
But at least, there's you, there's the others, I appreciate this.
I'm trying to make everything miserable.
I've been meeting new friends & so in the start of year,
I'm still loving everything around.
Friends or not, I don't give a fuck.

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