Monday, February 23, 2009

After school, I went over to Penang.
Bought Hagen Dazs @ Belissa Row to Tenby / Sri Pinang.
For Dom Sin, Eesa, Wei Shiang & myself.
Met Paul there, chilled for some time, walked to Gurney.
Dominic ppk-ed !
Had my late lunch with Farhan & Reno after meeting them coincidentally.
KimGary was it, food was SUPERB.
Hung around Gurney , after Farhan left, me and Reno chilled @ Coffee Beans.
Liang Chieh & * i dunno his name* came to chill along also.
& so, Reno left then we continued chilling.
There was this Thai artist performing I guess.
Met some random people before I left also.
Sean came, off to Bed @ Belissa Row.
Andy, TsuSheng, Imin & so on were there.
It was Cho Chuan's Birthday on that night.
* Happy Birthday * again.
Dad fetched me back, then to his friend's place to settle some stuff.
Thats my day.

Me ; Farhan ; Reno

My new pet.
Thanks to Sean & Andy.

Imin & me . *hugs*

I went to Cameron with grandparents.
Main reason was to visit my great grandmother over there along with relatives.
Headed down to Ipoh early morning for dim sum @ Foh San.
oh don't you just love FOODS.
Then continued with those shoppings in Ipoh as in foods.
Lunch was @ some shop with famous fish/meat ball noodles.

Brown Sugar bun ; ma lai koh

Beef ball ; oh so famous in Foh San, must try.

Yam cake. SUPER nice!

Headed up to Cameron around 2-3 ish .
Stopped at the shops at Kampung Raja to look see look see.
I wasn't feeling good, well i'm just useless when it comes to narrow roads.

That oh-my-god-so-huge cactus.

Lots & lots of orchids.

They call this the new species of orchid if I wasn't mistaken.

I think that's some insect on it


I don't know what is this, but it's not the solid fruit.

Second destination was The Smoke House.
The very nice English style house with nice afternoon tea.

The inside.
Candlelight dinner, anyone?

Pretty isn't it?

Pretty red flowers!

Scone was the best there, warm and soft with strawberry jam&cream.
Had Earl Gray tea, but by Boh.


Headed back to grandma's home as in used-to-be home.
There's Starbucks in Cameron! surprisingly
Chilled @ home for nothing, had dinner around 7.30 .
Went for Karaoke near Brinchang area with my *same age uncle*.
Got to know his friends & so on.
Thats for the day.

Woke up early for breakfast @ some shop.
Didn't really slept well for the whole night, it wasn't even cold.
My room here is much colder I guess.

Kea Farm for a walk, then Strawberry farm.
Aunt knows more or less everyone in Cameron, so we got discounts.

@ Raju's Strawberry Farm on hill around Kea Farm area.

Fresh, but they never have self-pluck kind.
I get to follow workers pluck ! yay.

Cream ; Honey ; Icing sugar combination = heaven

Look at those tempting strawberries.


I plucked these!

Another strawberry farm, opposite Cactus Valley.
A real huge one with lots of strawberries dangling on.

Huge orange / lime.

Left Cameron for Ipoh @ 12ish , there goes the food shopping again.
Everywhere in Ipoh, there's nice foods.
Bought 4 salted chickens , 10pcs herbal jelly (leong fun) and so on.
Dropped by @ this Menglembu market to get fresh guava,
then I saw this SO HUGE *dont know* what fish.
It's kind of half-dead.

It rained so heavily from the journey @ Ipoh - Penang.
I saw 4-5 accidents on the way, road was slippery & car skiied off.

One more week to the exam, 2 more weeks to the holiday.
I just can't wait till it's holiday.

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