Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday, which was the last day of school.
After school, headed over Penang.
Met up with Ron , then watched Marley & Me .
Me love that movie! so touching, altho I'm not a dog lover!
Later on at night, chilled around T.Bungah area, very very nice place.
Eric was working there tho, visited him and stuffs.
He made us pancake, yummmmyyy.
Headed over to Auto City with Ron, Eric and a friend.
Drank @ Bed, and left for home.
Last minute packing suck much, couldn't decide what to bring.
Thats for all. Exam wasn't too bad I guess.

Not many pictures throughout the trip,

I've been enjoying too much till I forgot about pictures.

Went down to KL on Saturday morning.
Klang for dinner , then I went to aunt's place.

Now you should know where I actually went.
I spent most of shopping there, everything for the room.

Still, my fav.

This is YUMMY! I forgot what is it called tho.

*hi* people.

I bought this bed for the room, I'm gonna love the new bed.

I want this mirror! But where should I put it?

Lamps lamps lamps!

Madness Q around, everyone buying.

Well, I've bought a lot from Ikea , from tiny to huge.
How can I not buy when I'm there, now, I need my new wardrobe.
I even bought a red bin , red chair for the computer and so on.
It was freaking raining after we left, like damn, so hard to get out from car.
Watched the Swiss Badminton Finals @ home , Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei.
At least, the match was great and I never got disappointed?

A day out with Kelly @ The Gardens & Mid Valley.
Been months, since I last seen her I guess, I MISS YOU, bitch!
So yeah, had our lunch @ Delicious, again, previously One-U.
Went shopping around, from this start to the end.
Armani Exchange, Zara and bla bla bla. MISS SIXTY babe!
Kelly, I regret for not getting that freaking bag!
Chilled @ Starbucks, me and my stuffs + Kelly!
I got so tired over the heels, at least, I bought a new sandal.
Changed it temporarily, changed back before I left.
I love my buys.

Kelly! was with her heels, makes me look so short.

Then around 4.30, met up Hsien Hao & off to Pavilion.
Luckily I wasn't in the mood to buy, or I'm gonna be so broke again.
Chilled @ Carlos , some Mexican restaurant, very nice place tho.
It's been long, since we last met & talked!
Watched Watchmen, I didn't really get the story tho.

Look, he's vain vain vain.

After the movie, we went over to Lecka Lecka which is opposite of entrance.
Had our drinks & shisha-ed there, very nice & cooling environment.

Yes, what I love so much.

The street.

I stayed home, was real tired .
Had lunch around the housing area, Little Ben, nice foods!
It's inside Kota Kemuning area, around industrial area.

I went to Cyberjaya, LimKokWing Uni with Jacob.
Oh Oh Oh, haha, nice experience chilling in an Uni tho.
Weird guy I met there, cool people I've seen, nice friends I know.
After that, we headed down to Gardens, this time, window shopping.
Club Monaco, ON la wei, & the so many many many shops around.
How can I resist for not buying nice stuffs with good deals!

A home day for me, was real real lazy to step outta the house.
Had dinner @ Asia cafe , Subang, then burger from the lorry stall.

Sunway Pyramid was it, with Hsien Hao, before I left KL.

Lunch @ Tony Romas .
This looks huge, but mainly onion rings in it.

Chilled around, Sega was it.
Sega in KL is much different compared to Penang.
It's very quiet, with not many people there.
Left around 4 back home, then I left KL around 5.
Oh damn, I miss KL much.

& when I got home, dad gave me a parcel.
It was from Kelven, THANKS much.
One's for the coming dinner, another one's for normal use!
I like it real much, thanks for the surprise.
That entire week when you were back, I wasn't real alright.
Till now, I am. Will see you when I'm there, or you're back.

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