Monday, April 27, 2009

I've got nothing much to blog recently.
Mainly is because I've got nothing to do, I'm so lazy for everything.
Camera is available, but I'm too lazy to charge it.
I'm more than excited about this week, you know why.

I skipped school on Thursday, for fun.
Dad brought me to register for the Undang test.
After the course, I'll be taking the test, then car then license.
I've gotta be much patience yeah?

Friday is basically another school day, random one.
Cousin bugged me to bring him for supper at night, so I did.
That's the only time I went out besides school.

Had my Undang course at the centre, boring much being alone.
At least, dad dropped&fetched me and I never need to take the transport.
Time passed so slow compared to school, I was more to an Emo Kid.
Had dinner with the Family at night, mmmHmmm, that's all.
Heineken is love, agree? Had cans of it, I can never have enough of it.
After those drinks , I got tipsy, well, that was fun.
*sorry that I couldn't make it aight? some time soon*

Lunch @ MCD, I've been craving it for days, dad suggested actually.
Got home after that then prepared, off to Han Chiang.
It was some Sony Fair going on, I was late, nothing left for me.
Queens was next for some lil shopping and dinner.
Dinner @ Dragon I was super super great, that's why people don't mind waiting.
They have this promotion for chicken, a small but whole chicken cost only RM1!
They call it *Yat Man Gai*. MmmHmm, some soy sauce chicken,
but it tasted quite nice tho.
I've been craving for the Custard Yolk Bun which is yellow,
BUT each time when it comes to dinner, it's ALL SOLD OUT, next time, ORDER!
Then then then I bought Grilled Unagi, Ebiko, Salmon Sashimi.
It's for my lunch today, all in my tummy, YUMS. *slurps*

I have too many stuffs on my wanted list,
a little by a little, so I'll eventually get all I want.

* I like it that way, remain it, okay?*

Kelven, THANKS for the pressie in the parcel, I love it much.
The 1234567890 items in it and those from your parents,
I really appreciate much, THANKS A BIG TIME.
Each year, I've got the bestest present , but I want it in other way.
Come back and we shall celebrate together kay?
It's been years, since I last celebrated my birthday in the way I want.

Uncle Sia! I know you read this and I just wanna say,
*THANK YOU* for your present, all the way from Paris.
Dad passed to me yesterday , I was pretty shocked to see that.

As days goes by, birthday's no longer that important to me.
As long as I'm happy each day with a smile, I consider that as my Birthday.
It doesn't really matter that I celebrate, make it big or anything,
when the thoughts are not even meaningful, why should I?
Even wishes is more than enough, I don't need anything else more.
Life's awfully great now which makes dad says I'm over pampered,
and he's gonna send me to overseas, to be VERY independant.

Things haven't been doing great I guess.
Friend's mom passed away,
and hey, we're here to give you all the support you need,
get well soon & R.I.P auntie.
Cousin sister is admitted and paralyzed still,
*prays* that she recover soon.

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