Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weeks, since I last met everyone around Gurney.
Headed over on Saturday morning.

Kick start of the day.
Sunlight and rained later on.

Met LiangChieh first, then Ezra.
Had drinks @ Coffee Bean for a lil while.
Look @ this guy, the gay of the day.

Met up with Eesa&the bf later on, then decided where for lunch.
Headed up to Jurin Express to meet up with Jun&ChiaEe.
Yet, it's been long since all of us last met!
After the lunch, it was time for wine @ Sega. LOL
Sue & Clary ; Ernest & Vincent came after we ordered.
Then guess what, Calvin was around!
So we moved inside for a bigger space for everyone.
Wilson, Calvin, Muiz & brother then errr..........

Hello mr Gay Ezra.

LiangChieh, Ezra, Ernest behind.

Mr Wilson!

We had fun drinking.

From Sue's blog.
You should know what's with me?

Girls are being girls.

After the drinks, we chilled @ MegaQue.
Sean Sun, Andy & much more people around.
Guys with their snooker session.
Around evening, Calv, Wil & me went for Shisha @ Dome.
We got bored after an hour or 2 having it,
so yea, MegaQ was it again, for snooker.
Coincidentally, Farhan & Reno were there!
Not to mention the fuckface?

Chilled around till 10ish @ Breeks,
Bryton dropped me & Wilson back for bath then club.
He came around 11.30 to fetch us, then headed out for UPR.
Fame & Mois was it, I enjoyed much =)
Mois with HsienHao, Su, HawShyan,HawYang & everyone else.
Although it was raining, but club was as pack as always.
I called it a night after 4.30am.

Well, I got free stay @ the Hotel.

New World Park for lunch, then Gurney again.
Met up with Ezra, Ernest, Vincent again.
Coffee Bean with everyone, Wilson & Calvin came too.
I left around 5ish for home, and got sick!

Genevieve, Gerald, Gavin, YB

I somehow, felt different after all.

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