Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last weekend in Gurney & Queensbay.
This week, no drinking. NOT AT ALL.

Reached Gurney around 12:30 ; met up with the guys.
Winson , Ezra , Ernest , Henry , Michael
Nandos for lunch then MegaQ, Kelvin & Muiz were there too.
We then went for movie ; Aliens in the Attic.
I rate that 8/10. I love that movie!
Afterthat, Coffee Beans then Gurney Park.
Met Farhan, Reno, Catarina for a lil while =)

Guys love grabbing asses of each other nowadays.

The faces?

Nah the crap.

@ Gurney Park.
Took much of pictures, will post the *scandal* thingy up soon.

Winson raping Ernest. WTF

Queensbay on Sunday.

What's best? Dragon-i it was of course.
Haven't been visiting there for so long.
* Hello ? *

Headed up to Balik Pulau for Laksa.
Tried another stall, but I never like the place.
Then, that was the worst laksa I ever had in Penang.
Then dad decided to stop by the road on the way to Teluk Bahang.
FOR? DURIANS. *not my kind of thing*
So, I played with cam, suddenly, I saw this.
It was like around 20-30 superbikes convoying around.
That's like SO FUN.

The set in box =)
I hope it suits my skin & not go like *blahhh*

Skipped school most days in this week.
Spent most time @ home, did nothing.
I know,
call me a lifeless one.

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