Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A short update of the Saturday.

Headed off to Gurney as usual around afternoon.
Went over with Mickey to Komtar first.
He wanted to get his tongue pierced but failed.
The veins were too closed together, risk was high tho.
Yong Da came over, then off to Island for some errands.
Later on, Gurney was it, I went shopping awhile.
Met up with them after I got my things done,
Dome for shisha but it wasn't available.
I bumped into Rohnie the long lost friend? HAHA

Met Calvin, Brandon, ZhiYang, Roy and a few more @ Sega.
Then Winson, Wilson, Ezra, Clary& I forgot who else!

Then me, Mickey & Yong Da chilled @ Coffee Beans for some time.
They left for somewhere else, I met up with the rest.
@ Sega, what else besides drinking?
Wilson, Winson, Ezra, May, Giap, Sylvester, Liang Chieh.

*smacks* them both.

Fuck that gay shit EZRA!


Mr Wilson!

Then, everyone left, I chilled @ Sega for a lil while.
Had my Full Pint Guiness Stout Draft .
Shane, Jia Hong, Wai Chun came over.
Decided to head down to Spooky Jack @ UPR since club was full.
At the end, we went to Mois, VIP Lounge at least not that pack.
Coincidentally, I met Calvin the long lost buddy! HAHA
Bumped into ShianRu, ZhiYang and everyone else!
It's been 2 months since I clubbed, I didnt planned to go!
*kills self*

Sue San & Shane ; like brother like sister!

Shane, Jia Hong.

Wai Chun.

Mr Shane the INDIAN!

Sue San & Me!

Hard Rock Penang was a BLAST!
Thanks to Jayden & Matthew & everyone.
Issac had much *fun* yeah? HAHA
& Jayden, the dinner =)

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