Thursday, February 14, 2008

As for 14th of Feb,
everyone would spend their entire time with loved ones.
Loved ones dont need to be considered couples or married's.
Friends and family would be more than enough for me.
Everyone spend on different things for gifts or dinner,
I dont mind anything but at least they're here for me. haha*
Thanks people for the gifts, as a friend.
Wishes would be more THAN enough in life,
thoughts by heart are sweeter than words by mouth.
Each year, I spend mine with friends in school or anywhere outside.
For this year, there's a lil changes.
I went out late night for club with him,
Adryan;Hum , Eric, Evelyn
Su, Ryan, Jason, Daniel, Brandon, Kenny,
HawYang and more others.
I bumped into my god bro, King's friend,
he was like, do u remember me? haha. but I dont? LOL
then I saw Teng, Issac, Kelvin.
The sexy dance session was GREAT,
why would I say that??
There's the Indian aunty, she's really brave enough.
She could just dance like nobody's business in her indian clothes or smth.
And fyi, I think she's more than 45. LOL. *claps*
After club, we went Alan for late supper early breakfast.
We had the self service thingy going on,
I served them drinks. HAHA lmaoo.
Then no one was drunk then, suprisingly!
Left around 4, dropped Hawyang and Ryan at X Net,
Hawshyan dropped me home.
I got him something tho. *mwak*

I actually skipped school twice this week as for Wed and Thurs.
I only went for one day.
Okay, to be honours, Im sick but not that serious.
I just never wanna go to school.
Tomoro will be a public hols for chinese school,
9th day of lunar year, "cheh kao" (in hokkien)
so well, everyone's busy praying the god of sky or smth tonite.
Praying with bamboo and some stuffs.


Happy Valentines
out there.

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