Friday, February 29, 2008

Okay lahhh,
I know not much pics uploaded these days.
Due to lazyness for outings?
And I swear,
this coming hols ill hang around
Peoples in the picture above!
i miss em much !
Chorleone are BEST of the best.
credits to Cleo for the picture.
She's the best photo editor.

What's up for this week?
I can say,
nothing much.
I know exam's next week,
BUT i never prepared any.
shhh or ill be so dead.

As usual I went out on Wed, to Glo.
but never clubbed tho.
Went over to meet Ade, Su, Eric,HsienHao and others.
Then headed to GreenHouse for foods.
Ryan was there. DURIAN man. HAHA
Brandon came over, then Kenny.
so me,Hawshyan and Ade left for ALAN.
On the way to the car,
saw Ivan,
he was supposed to follow us to ALAN.
okay, things went well then.
Until the turning into the road(Glenegles sana)
he took over our car before the corner,
what's next?
He drifted abit,
hehe, so, his car flew up to the path next to the condo.
Puntured tyres of the front,
thats just so lucky for?
there were trees and the street lamp.
my goodness, he just went THRU it.
Then some ppl looked,
called the man then we left.
Some stupid things happened when I was eating.
forget bout it*
Nothing to shout about.
Came back, dropped by autocity for some talks,
with some lame ppl.
HsienHao came over also.
Got home around 5am.

I skipped school next day,
which was yesterday.
Went over Penang after dimsum.
with Ade and Hawshyan.
Fetched HawYang to strikeII then stayed there awhile
I slept there.
Got some info from SriPinang.
Suprisingly, they need u to attend some trial period,
which is like 2-3 weeks then they decide.
omFg! is that a NEED to do so?
The teacher told me that,
not to be like hawshyan's gang.

Came back around 5 after fetching Naresh aka black.
crappy person lahh haha.
The crazyness of them.
Changed driver in the middle of bridge.
Imagine how they change one climb to the front while one to the back.
Slept all night long after dinner at 7.

Today in school was freaking bored.
I tried so hard,
just to wake hawshyan up!
HsienHao too, to wake Ade up.
To fetch Adryan from the airport.
They woke up at 10,
and Adryan arrived at 10.
Went Old Town for drinks with Calvin,
and came home to blog.

Thats all.

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