Monday, February 25, 2008

Starting my day with dad's new toy. Im loving it.
Great pickup, great interior, wonderful colour of it.
xoxo to the toy. mwakkkk

Hung around in Queens yesterday after visiting uncle Khor.
Had lunch over his place, auntie cooked.
The curry fish head was great.
Uncle caught the fish himself when he went out to the sea for fishing.
Bought shorts in Queens, browsed around laptops again.
I cant make my mind for what to get
since many recommended me not to get Sony just for outter looks
HP Pavilion sounds great with those specs in it.
Toshiba is absolutely perfect but so heavy.
Wanted to get new pair of sandles,
BUT i see nothing in every shop.
Grrrr. all thanks to my house's dog.
The Snoopy aka schnauzer.

Next Friday will be an earlier holiday for us.
Our school will be the election place,
so we got early hols BUT yet I heard there's replacement.
Exams are next Monday, ooopsss.

Another thing is that Eric's leaving for Australia.
This Saturday for his pilot course. awww.
All the best to him then.

What's the best plan for coming 1 week holiday?
To go away or stay back.
I wanna go to some cold country,
enjoy the cool breeze!
Just like how i did last year March in Shanghai.

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