Monday, February 4, 2008

Once again, I spent my weekend in Penang.
Went over on Friday after school, mom fetched.
Okay, Uncle Steve and Aunt Wynnie are here!
mwahahahaha. well happy!
Shopped in Island awhile,
wanted to get some shirts from MNG but they were to left.
So well, nothing, but something else lahh.
Had dinner at hawker outside grandma's house.
Weeee, me and uncle steve had fry chickens, yummyyy.
Lotsa things we had.
End of the Friday.

Where ELSE?
Gurney again of course.
Met up with Bryan and Kit first,
then Cleo;Joan;Jamie.
Then Carmen came later.
Chilled around, later on Mega Que.
As usual, those friends were there.
We invaded Popular,
played with some stuffs.

forgotten. SORRY.
There were some thingy going on ,
never bothered much. HAHA.
none of my business.
watched JohnRambo with him.
US. oops?
Bryan and Joan.
thats so a NONO.

Toilet? OmG, pity Joan lahh.
Before I left Gurney,
Then I left,
Thanks KingZou my bro for dropping me back.
my uncle just arrived home from Taiwan tho.
Then we went for hawker again,
chickens! haha
my aunt,her mom were back too, from Taiwan.
I never clubbed!!!
I watched movie at home instead.

So I went for curry fish head at Juru on Sunday.
i got up late couse I never wanna go pray with em.
mwahhaha, always not my thing.

The new toy. tomatoes,ladiesFinger,
splited into 2 course 2 tables.
This prawn's real HUGE!
Fish HEAD!
me, uncle steve and my bro.

After lunch went to Queens.
bumped into Ivan and Jason.
Long time no see friendsXbuddies.
I saw something in some shop that made me PISSED.
Met Nelson,TeongLuen,YeeSum and his sis.

Got home around 5,
guess where me,uncle steve and my bro went?

Where's this freaking place?
can see Mainland, my HOME!
Look at those buildings.
Where's this? It was so gonna rain.
And I almost got kicked.
Dark clouds
I went to.....
Penang Hill.
seriously, It has been 10 years I never stepped there.
Cooling breeze,
but I still sweated lah......
Had great exercises,
we actually walked from Grandma's house,
to the station, took a tram up.
and walked BACK.
Dad fetched me home around 11smth.

The End.
Happy Chinese New Year people.

* what did I got from Taiwan?*
hint-from some airline
my fav but some use to say the world's ugliest THINGY

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