Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1 more week!!!
to the 30th nite, last day of lunar calander.
BUT why? holidays last so AWHILE?
It's like less than a week, how can lahh?

the last minute ones.
I never got tops,shoes,bag.
ALOT of em which I never managed to get still.
Ive got jeans,skirt and only DRESSes.
haiyooo how can it be like that?

I wana make a trip down to KL,
for Rums opening, shoppings, meetups.
It's like so not new year this year.
I never have the thought of new year.
went for groceries shopping last night with dad.
Managed to buy stuffs like foods and all,
then I still need to make it to Jusco!
It's like food heaven there,
all sorts of junks.

Ive decided!
to go for THIS one.
It's RED. mwahhaha.
Thanks to my dad.

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