Monday, March 24, 2008

Here they go,
those weekend pictures.
Not many of em,
roughly taken in PISA.
Learnt many things saw many things,
people there were friendly.
Met new friends too anyways.
Some were like staring at me
due to
-not in uniform or company tee-
-card says im Exhibitor-
-I dont LOOK like one nor act like one-
It was kind of fun actually,
but bored in times cuz I know nothing from there.
Let the pictures talk then,
im lazy to type more.

Before I went out on Sat.

See my name! lmao



I met Uncle Calvin.
how can?

Nah, real person.
He's really my uncle lahh.

Spot my dad? ahha

The expo.

Had dinner at night.
Look at Gavin. credits to him.
Holding my bag, advertising my bag.

Aint he adorable?

haha, naughty me

So the next day which was Sunday.
I was in black.


After the rain,
how nice was it huh.

So thats all for the week.

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