Sunday, March 23, 2008

Was a tiring weekend for me.
A little hectic one,
but no Gurney outing anyways.
I did mentioned I was away in PISA.
Ill write about that and pictures up tomorrow aight.
Went club last night as usual.

Firstly here,
Thanks to Alan for fetching me over to club.
And those drinks,
as well as the Absolute vodka huh.
Another thanks to Hsien Hao.
He helped to made things out.
When I was about to drop tears around club,
he and Su cheered me.
Special thanks to Brian.
lmao, I was happy then.
And thanks for the drink,
almost made me drunk off,
after so many types of drinks.

Met up with
ChienShen, and others in DJoint.
Then went over with HsienHao again.

Thanks people, for the night.
People I met.
Ninjoe; and some others to go.

more to come tomorrow.

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