Thursday, March 13, 2008

whoops. So what's the updates.
Sorry people, no pictures yet until tomorrow,
when I get home,
hopefully with the new thingy,
we shall see then.

Then, it was SPM results day on Wed.
Which means it was yesterday.
Everyone got their results,
many of them which I know,
some failed their BM.
Congrats to those who got real good results,
*thinking* how will mine be? lmao.
well well well,
I went out around 11 something,
after Adryan and Hawshyan got their results,
then them both, evelyn and me went to met
Ryan,Su and another guy at Penang's Genting.
We four left for Queens,
watched Ah Long pte ltd.
Very nice and funny show,
BUT i dont understand why 18PL?
Okay, then later on some thingy happened,
in between us with the GM of queens.
Not to mention anymore.
The Security operation room was much bigger than GPs!
Headed down to Gurney, it was raining.
MegaQued, then all the people came.
HuanYeang, Jon,Bryan,Chicky,
Cleo,Joan,Ruby,Shan Yang,
Benny, GuoWei, Mahek,
Samantha,Kean Hong, Brandon,
ALOT people more.
And for the first time,
I met Frederick with a few friends.
Hmmmmphhh. not too bad at least,
knowing him for years and it was my FIRST time.
lmao .
Chilled around then I left for GreenLane MCD with mom.
Wanted to go for Shanyang and Guowei's party
at Paradise's beach, but I never made it.
sorry dudes for not clubbing also aight?
There goes my Wednesday.

Love holidays, you see,
get to hang around with them all the time.
I skipped tuition for like almost 1 and the half months,
OOOPSsss. haha I know its wrong to do so larh okay.

All for now. taaataaaa.

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