Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here comes a short update first aight?
Currently in Penang,
well, am lazy to upload pictures here,
due to a lil handicapped connection.
So, start from my Saturday okay.
GURNEY as usual.
Met many of em that day.
Had lunch with mom at Ajisen,
then met up with
Kenny,GuoWei and another guy at MCD.
Later on went to drink at Sega.
I treated them a jug.
GuoWei and the guy left me and Kenny.
So we left since I wanted to get shoes.
He accompanied me awhile then MegaQued.
There goes the gang.
Benny,ShanYang,plenty of every others.
Headed to foodcourt with thye and kenny,
then Sega again for jug.
Slowly everyone came to find us.
many more .
So well, chilled awhile then
Hawshyan,Ade and Adryan came.
I went off with them.
Later on,
some thingy happened again.
Between jeremy and some guy.
We kaypo-ed and the gang was fucking big.
With his oh new gf!
haha Was kind of shock.
Then chilled around everywhere.
Got my new tongue stud in black,
Adryan got his ears re-pierced.
Oh yeah, met the girls.
Got Venice her bday pressie,
A mac eye shadow in gold.
Watched movie at night with mom and aunty,
and there goes the results.
DAP won the Penang vote.
Aww, there there.
(no offence) lmao.
Hold on,
not to forget,
I met the SO gang.
Okay, kind of BUMP type only. LOL
Sunday oh Sunday.
Instead of Gurney,
I went Queens for shopping.
At first I thought I wanted a sandle and thats it,
who knows what's next?
Dropped by at RSH for my Impanema sandles,
walked around since I was alone.
Oh well well,
I chilled in Dome with wedges and drinks,
then Roxy for 50% off!
I was like wtf how to NOT miss it?
I wanted to have a look
and I ended up with a handbag and sandle.
Another sandle. pheww.
So walked around again and again,
Esprit got sales!
Got another new top.
I had the other colours so got another one.
I wanted to get schoolbag,
happen to pass by Billabong,
my bag was THERE.
I had to carry everything myself,
and its not light u know.
PITY me.
Had dinner wit mom at Sakae
after she met me,
then ended up my day.
Went AirItam Dam with some HengLengs,
okay, i was the only girl among em.
we made movies, the guys SWAM!
Ill show the pics when I get back.
there're sexy asses and backs around.
Stay tuned for pictures.
Lots of em coming up soon.
Happy Holidays people. xoxo.

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