Saturday, April 5, 2008

I hearts my weekend.
At least, there's caring around me.
Thanks girls and guys. xoxo.
Friday night was great.
But something killed the greatness,
know what?
the movie, L,changed the world.
It sucked.
HsienHao fetched me out around 11 to Prangin,
met Soo,Ejay and another 2 friends.
Then the movie started around 12.10, were late.
Grrrh, we kept wishing the movie ended SOON.
Afterthat we went Momo for beer,
then Angel Steamboat, Kenny and Jason came.
Chilled there then left.
There was an accident outside the steamboat place,
the whitey myvi overturned after it banged the tree.
OMG rite? haha, its a lady smmore.
Super low skirting with some very nice rims babeh.

Woke up like super early this morning. at 8AM!
I got only 2 hours slept then got ready.
Sacred Heart School's Jaycees Installation.
Got there by school bus along with friends.
Bumped into some familiar faces from ChungLingPenang.
As usual, the guy from Gurney and the president.
Well, it was fine from start until the end.
It ended around 3am, we went Queens.
Well, its kind of weird wearing the uni to Queens,
but okay, haha I changed!
Dad fetched me after that for Pisa's Home Deco expo.
Nothing much there,
I bumped into Imin and Minny!
hehe. then got home, went dinner.

Support locals babeh,
you'll know what I mean tomorrow,
and pictures of the Installation coming up.