Monday, April 7, 2008

The Saturday pictures,

never upload it all,
I'm lazy and dont mind these jumping around.
Under the shade
Chung Ling guys getting high when singing.
Well, guys.
Take my ride babeh.
The sky and overall were great.
except some rubbish.
The wind wont hurt.
Shadows rock.
Wanted to jump.

3 days straight of club,
drove me real crazy,tiring,mad.
Momo-S Class-Slippery Senoritas.
Guess what huh,
friday to sunday. I never expected also.
Okay come talk about the weekend.

Remember I mentioned support locals,
I was to say that,
I watched KL DRIFT.
It's kind of not bad actually for locals,
but when they were racing,
the shooting makes me felt dizzy.

I actually went movie with HsienHao and Su in Gurney.
Afterthat me and HsienHao wanted to club,
but there was another plan for Su,
so we went S Class.
Ate in Hot Wok while waiting for his friends.
Was late by then so we never went UPR.
Chilled in S Class,
some new experience for me as well.
Get to explore the other kind of club,
other kind of people around.
Had a lil beer only with coke then.
By then I came home and reached at 5,
got ready at 6 for Ipoh.

I went for another "cheng beng" in Ipoh,
with dad and uncles aunties.
Had some foods in Menglembu,
some yong tau fu.
had a look at my grandpa's old days home when he was young.
Bought "wan tan noodles" n "chee cheong fun"
from factory,
and most importantly,
"leong fun" which is "cincau".
Take it with honey, perfections I tell u.
Don't add water nor ice as long as u chill.
It's rm1.20 per rectangular piece.

Ready ones. Haven't cut.

Heating the herbs.
So now you know where does it comes from.
Making it into liquid then chill.

After all, went town to uncle kat's place,
collected pomelo,
met his son, handsome baby!

Rested in the entire afternoon,
reached Penang at 2pm.
Had dinner in StarView as usual,
grandparents are back from Japan.
Then later on,
I went out at 12am with HsienHao to Penang.
Went momo, met up with his cousin and friends.
some very interesting people seriously.
Then Su came,
7 of us chilled in Slippery Senoritas with Chivas.
Left club at 2 something, headed to Mcd GreenLane.
We both talked alot, he shared alot too.
That's the Sunday night of mine.

School started again today,
some day which I hated real much.
Msged with HsienHao this morning,
he fetched me from school after I finished,
and he insisted me to wear uni and not to change.
Well I did,
we had lunch in OldTown then HAGEN DAZS!
*much loves*
I came home and changed,
dropped by Gurney for movie- Awake.
He bought me my tongue stud!
How nice. *hugs*
Met Su for awhile, then we both left.
Both were sleepy in car,
almost felt asleep for real.
On the way to everywhere,
we met his good friends all over,
which was POLICE.
haha they were friendly rite?

Well, I'll stop here,
real tiring and I'm more or less gonna knock off.
My weekend was interesting.

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