Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday
it's not a good one,
neither a sweet 16,

I actually teared in school, on the eve too,
*whats the point then?*
I don't want birthday if I could.

Many in school wished me,
still, THANKS people. I appreciate that much.
It's like, most of em know my birthday then,
I was shocked actually, yet, I'm more than happy.
I went Gurney after school, dad dropped me.
Met up with Shan Yang and Jason in MegaQ.
Chilled, I got my Iron Man tickets for Premiere Class.
I bought 2, but, I was about to go alone, or just never wanna go.
On the way, I saw THIRU!! the long lost CHINDIAN friend. HAHA
After that, Su came, THANKS man.
Got to Gurney Place, met Yee Sum and Guo Wei and Kean Hong.
Me, Jason, Su went up to MegaQ to chill again,
then sooner, we got bored,
so Su suggest that we go for the movie,
since I've got the ticket, and YEAH, he accompanied me.
and guess what, Brian came, I met him after my movie.
There were ZhiYang and Brandon along,
they wanted to MOVIE!*speechless*
I watched most of the movie, and guess what?
The 3 guys bought ticket for Iron Man,
and it was Premiere Class, just 15 mins after I ended mine.
I did WENT, and I did WATCHED.

Dad fetched me from Gurney again,
we went Belissa Row, Hagen Dazs.
I had my Affogato since I was still full.

Here I am back at home,
another birthday wish goes to
my so-called DAD, LEON.
Yo , got car license dee huh.
must fetch me!

Some pictures of my school life,
in the year of 2008.
Taken on 30th April.

This is the scene early in the morning.
she's my BFF.

These guys were SERIOUS!

Jia Ern made me this pudding,
I like the caramel taste.

my buddy.

As usual,
that picture.

Dark side of me.

I was doing some mysterious work.

My best buddy.

Oh, thats my place.


The gamblers of my class okay!

Nobody realized that he took this pic.

it's OURS!

Best buds use the same ones.

What I wished;hoped,
NEVER happened.
No longer a happy kid.

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