Sunday, May 4, 2008

Updates !!!
Sorry, I was away since Friday.
I went over to Penang, stayed there till today.

Had dinner with my mom in Bella Italia,
then watched Fool's Gold, 8/10, a nice one.

After NOT hanging around with the buds in Gurney,
I made myself there on Saturday afternoon,
after my lunch in Nippon Yataimura (forgot the name).
Met up with Bryan,HawYang,Jon,Chicky,GuoWei,Ninjoe in CoffeeBeans.
As usual, we were the messy ones around.
Headed up to MegaQ later on, chilled there awhile.
Met Cleo,Joan,Carmen,Ruby,Chloe after SO LONG.
Then some guys like
Benny,Mahek,Yeong and many more of em.
I got emo awhile, I chilled myself in Sega Fredo with Heneiken and fries.
I didn't expect to see the gang to be in Sega, and they went there.
They were shocked to see me alone there too.
Wen Thye and Jie Loon came too!! I treated em all.
Then, some interesting topic started, with some interesting convo paper.
We took a big group picture at Gurney Place.
Got back to megaQ to chill, then talked to Brandon awhile.
Met Emily,Sabrina,Charlene,ZhiGie AFTER REAL LONG TIME.
Unexpected, DengJin and Louis were there too.
Some knew I was kind of down, thanks Cleo for chilling with me.
Later on, we went Breeks for dinner.
we contains of
me, Cleo, Bryan, Chicky, Leon, Jon, HawYang.
Tett and JieLoon came awhile too.
After dinner, we went Game Master to get cleo's tamagotchi batt.
followed by, Cold Storage, to meet my mom up,
then OFF I go.
I miss outings like that, after so long,
it's like, I miss the old me A LOT!

It has been so long, since I'll be awake at 8AM .
Got myself ready, Ron and Eric came,
fetched me out, were going up hill.
Chilled in Choon Aik's house, and OOPS,
now I know, JJ is his brother!! haha
He never recognize me when he came out, WELL.
There were monkeys,chickens and dogs at his place.
Some mini ZOO? haha
Beng Khai was there, Nelson came later.
Went up to the hill around 11 something, GUESS WHAT,
the place was nice, some very very narrow roads,
never managed to take pics when I was on the way up.
Choon Aik played Scramber with the motor cross bike .
THATS SO COOL, but, I'm afraid when I went for a short ride!
Nice environment, very PEACE!!!
Came down around 1.30, Choon Aik fetched me on that biggie bike.
It's more scary than getting up to the hill.
Went home, bathed, packed, Nelson and Leon came.
We went for lunch with mom and uncle, Jon came too.
Off to Queens, Jon followed, we went to fetch Nelson.
Walked around Queens, were bored.
Bumped into Ryuichi with his girl.
So we chilled in Borders.
Teong Luen and Leon came later.
Had tons of funs, laughters around with em 4 guys. WELL I know.
3 of em (Jon,Nelson,Leon) followed me back to Butterworth,
but before home, we went Tambun for seafoods!*slurps*

So now, I'm home.
There's gonna be tons of pictures comin up,
TOMORROW okay, I'm lazy to wait for those to upload.

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