Monday, April 21, 2008

Peeps out there,
love shoes?
SNEAKERS as well babe.
Sneakers are not meant for guys ONLY,
but girls do have nice ones,
and who cares?
They're UNISEX okay?
It's somehow,
a passion,
show some love to SNEAKERS!

There's this,
COLLECTION of all kinds of SNEAKERS,
from the Komodo Ninja Crew.
They'll be featuring in RTM soon,
I don't know when yet as well.

I actually just visited their blog,
and I saw this post,
it makes me felt like posting here,
so well,
I am.
People from Komodo are FRIENDLY!!!!
All the KL peeps,
looking forward to meet em soon.

Komodo Ninja

Can I have these much of shoes some day too?
I want sneakers babe!!!
Craving for it.
*hints* birthday's around!!!

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