Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've got plenty of stuffs to buy.
I've got many stuffs in my want-to-buy list.
Some how, I cant get it all at once i THINK.

These are pickups of mine from Queens on Sunday.
I don't get why I spend more in Queens than Gurney.
Because there's Forever 21 and MNG in Queens I think.
But at least,
I never overspent last week, *phews*
I need shoes but I can't find any, HELP!!!!

3 tops from Forever 21, 1 from MNG.

I'm considering to change my phone,
but I'm running out of ideas.
It's either LG Viewty or Nokia N82.

All I need at this moment is
- new phone as mine gone cuckoo already.
- shorts! more shorts or skirts please, idk where're mine.
- SHOES! thanks to that stupid schnauzer that belongs to my brother.
( I lost 4 shoes to it, and my one last pair of sandles left )
- Dresses! Always craving for this.
- A new watch. I love collecting watches.
- Cash babe! Who don't love?
- Nike SB Tiffany! Tiff babe!!!

Here comes the new time table in school,
I kind of like it as I only finish school at 2 on Mon&Tues.
YAY. It's making me happy!
At least I don't need to suffer for hungriness and to deal with SUN so badly.

Sorry that I never made it to acc you today.
I was kind of lazy and tired.
So well, hehe. I'm sorry.

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