Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i hope to get back the smiles like how I used to have.
it's taking some time i guess.

I've been absent in school for 2 days,
due to sick,
real sick one,
caused by some sore throat, fever and flu.
Fever has been coming and going,
just like how people around come and go.

Staying at home made me thought a lot,
which I chatted a lot with my friends too.
Most of them cared, I'm happy.

Packed some stuffs,
threw most of them which are useless,
realized I've got plenty of make up stuffs,
and I never stop buying.
That's a girl's thing okay. HAHA

Got a call from Bowen just now,
he happened to be outside of my house.
Hopped in the car,
Chien Shen and Kent were inside too.
Went for a round around beach,
came back, changed a tee,
got out again ; Old Town.
Had lots of good talks there,
after so long.
Thanks guys.

I know it's never worth to go for,
no matter how,
there's a thought,
that the thought wasn't a good one.
I don't wanna care for now,
which I would never wanna die for too.
Not gonna continue,
but just to give up all,
get back the old me,
which was happy enough with no worries.

Love life with all my heart;
never fake a smile;
never wanna trust again&again.

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