Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Cute aight?

It was jumping.

Some kind of lobster?

The HYPER-HYPER active monkey.

Nice view right?
Spot Penang Bridge, but was misty.

The greens and the blues.

If there's the clear day, how nice.

Nelson ; Beng Khai ; Choon Kai.
boiling water.


Presenting, the man ;Choon Kai

Both guys.

Spot Choon Aik.

Nelson took this pic for me.

So effing narrow.

when people call this scramber.

A short one.

Nelson took this, we were bluetooth-ing.

Beng Khai, the bowler.


Breathtaking view I tell you,
too bad, the day was misty.

Peace of mind.

We chilled at the stairs,
notice? the GREEN ones.

promoting the mentos!

He loves posing.

Nelson was reading some religion book,
Jon was lying on the floor.

Explanations. haha

I told ya, Jon is always being bullied by us.

Teong Luen and Leon gaying.

The model of the day.

Chilling as usual.

Oops, looked like I wasn't that balanced.

They got too high, and they were eventually doing stuffs.

When they peep, they laugh.

Some floating restaurant we went.

my mom ; Nelson.

Us all.

The chaotic days,
everything made me speechless,
days fulled of tears, without laughters,
even though I know everything was a pass,
I was stupid enough to get some stupid stuff,
which I thought those are able to cheer me up.

No matter how many times I said the word,
nothing will work, nothing will change,
because, I know you're somehow different.
I was happy enough to see the message,
even it's only a blank one, or any short ones,
but, I do wish to see more than that as I know it wouldn't happen.

Since then, I've been thinking too much,
I've been taking boxes and boxes of cigarettes,
I know that wouldn't help out,
but just sort of addicted.

Now that I'm sick,
I stayed home today instead of going to school.
More than 12 hours,
but I see NOTHING at all.
Thanks those who cheered me up, accompanied me.
I tried hard to let go everything, I hope I can.

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