Thursday, May 15, 2008

Say you love me,
say say!
Say that you love this bottle.
My babe everyday,
it's either this or the turquoise one.

you know, I have a thing for

Essay and Chemistry downed.
Chemistry certainly sucked to the max.
We've all got no idea why the teacher actually
created those questions, as if we're all gonna be Chemist.
Jing Wei was absent today,
uhh I took over her place during exam.
English essay was easy,
the options of title contained
Yeah, my choice!

Add maths tomorrow,
am gonna be so dead over it.
CHINESE essay,
lets say what's my score this term.

Friend's phone suddenly rang,
some doraemons ringtone,
teacher laughed,
we had funs in exam really.
I love it.

Dawcious!! you see!
this bitch is the same as yours.

*life's gettin interesting,
as usual,
there's laughters coming back.*

Mr Jacob showed me this in msn,
it's HILARIOUS. haha

It is proven that to get a taste of the J.CO doughnuts in Pavilion, queuing up for at least one fucking hour in line is a prerequisite. I don't know what's up with Malaysians, but it sure seems like some "kiasu" attitude to me... over some doughnuts. So how do we cure boredom? Here's what you do:

1) Go to Pavilion, KL.
2) Queue for one hour to get your doughnuts.
3) After getting it, call up your friends and family, ask if they'd like some (I'm sure they would say yes if they are Malaysians. Kiasu)
4) Repeat step 2 and 3 over and over again.

Yeah, I know Pavilion is a shopping mall. Just take a LRT down and just stay in J.CO, don't run around the whole mall and make people like me develop claustrophobia.

Fun rating: 6/10 (the longer the queue, the better)
Duration: Up to 12 hours. 10am to 10pm.
Fun factor: Witness the kiasu-ness of Malaysians, and be a part of it.

Then the second one,

Sit down in a random restaurant, order your food and then flee.

1) Pick a restaurant (preferably a busy one)
2) Order your food and drinks (preferably the costliest ones)
3) Use tomato or chili ketchup and discreetly write "I'm fucking tired of waiting" on the table.
4) Run!
5) Repeat step 1 to 4.

Trust me, this is fun.

Fun rating: 9/10
Duration: Up to 3 hours before you will get your ass apprehended
Fun factor: Train the food outlets to be more efficient whilst having fun!

Countdown for holidays.

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