Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm currently having mid-terms,
so to do with others of my friends, and most people.
2 papers down today,
history and bm
but both wasn't really good.

I was burning some midnight oil last night,
due to last minute studies,
but things we discussed never popped out in paper.
Disappointments kao kao!

I baked some chocolate cake last afternoon,
which was yesterday.
Brought some to school today,
and a box of seashells chocolate too.

When I was in the car, on the way to school,
I saw this The Other Mini,
The first in Butterworth I can say,
belongs to my friend's dad.
They're FREAK of BMW!
Although I still think that the normal design,
either Cooper or CooperS would look better.

Getting my ass of for Chemistry.
Holiday's after next week,
dad's leaving this Friday AGAIN,
because I'mma goin SINGAPORE in holidays.
For a wedding dinner.
[ I need to get dress! ]

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