Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wesak Day
It was a public holiday on Monday,
I got up around 1.
Got ready, packed all my stuffs, then OUT!
Had lunch at Song River,
headed to Gurney later on,
wanted to get shoe but finished. *disappointments*
Met Kenny, chilled in Coffee Beans.
His friend came over, talked awhile.
Went to met my mom, bought some stuffs,
what else, make ups again.
Bought LayPeng and JingWei pencil cases.

MegaQ-ed, arcarde-ed,
met Shaun and Maine there also.
Were bored in Gurney,
so me and Kenny planned to go for parade.
Called ShanYang up, KeanHong fetched us.
We followed the sleeping buddha gang,
I changed into the tee also.
Get to know more people as well,
those elder ones too.
Me, ShanYang,KeanHong,Jack,
both Kenny,Thye,YeeSum,Benny,
and more to go were together.

As soon as the parade started,
we all got so crazy along the road,
gave out flowers, laughed so loud.
The main thing is,
everyone turned tukao!
On the way, we met friends!
Aruna, the long time no see friend.

So well, there goes all the pictures.

Kuan Imm Ma!

Thye, as I said, turned tukao.

left to right.
Kenny,Thye,KeanHong,uncle,Jack,ShanYang,lil girl.


ShanYang and me. ignore my funny face. haha

the guys.

PULL-ing the car.

the crowd.

Every road we passed were full of people.


Gay-ish KeanHong.

Uncle were too excited.

The guys were hunting for girls to gv flowers.

Thye yang miang.

Jack turned cuckoo too.


the sky started to turned darker.

We met TsuSheng.

It was darker then.

This trishaw uncle here got high.
he was moving with the beat of music.

Were lazy to walk.

It was fun standing on the lorry!


Thye and Jack.

See Joel.

He got real excited.

Crowds as usual.

They can even dance on the road.

KuanImmMa again,
she stood there from the start to the end.

Love the lights.

My friends! HAHA


ALMOST, they were pulling real hard.

from the normal egg on the left,
the tiny cute one and the huge one!
all from chickens.

After the Singapore, there goes Langkawi.
Definitely enjoying my mid-year holidays.
4 more papers to go,
here comes the Chorleone Party of the year.

a birthday wish dedicated to
Denis aka my brother.
His 19th birthday this year,
celebrating with his girl in Perth,
hope he's having lots of fun over there.
Definitely miss those days,
when he cared so much, just exactly like a real brother.
Miss him much too, love him as my bro.

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angelinemiss said...

wesak day parade... so niceee can join~~~ :)