Tuesday, June 17, 2008

As if,
only if,
I can turn back time,
stay in those kindergarten days,
those were the days,
we're stress-free, and job's to PLAY.
St.Christopher was best then.

just can't wait to LEAVE this place so soon,
go abroad for further studies,
might just stay there and not come back.

In times,
certain guy friends of mine,
will come forward to the topic which will be
* how come you girls so troublesome wan? *
Well, how should I pay the answer back?
His meaning was,
if the girl throw attitude towards him,
not making her decision or some other things,
then, he felt that she's troublesome.

And there goes another question,
* what are you girls actually thinking? *
This is when he don't get a point of what's the girl saying,
when the girl say anything she wants,
and she thought guys MUST understand.

So, with all these question,
I was wondering, whether I am one of them.
Turned out I asked them back,
* so am I like that too? *
They said no, and this was hilarious.
I thought I'm so hot temper that they can't stand me,
but what they said was,
I never throw temper towards them,
and I'm someone that they can say whatever when they need.

Made quite a number of new friends recently,
they taught me many things.
I learned something new,
thanks guys.

There's always another tomorrow,
after the regrets,
make a change on the next day.

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