Sunday, June 15, 2008

Football craze for me now.
Since the Holland vs France match,
then Spain vs Sweden ;
Greece vs Russia,
now, I'm craving for more.
It's so fun to watch football out there,
when there's the goal of your choice of team,
there goes the screaming and hopping around.
Not to forget,
staying up till ALMOST 5am each day,
brings you more of joy?
I stay in front of tv,
just to wait for the GOALS.

Yesterday was fine,
got up around 4-5,
headed to Penang for dinner with family,
and Gurney for awhile.
Never met anyone in Gurney,
except for bumped into Stephanie.
Never hit the clubs,
no night outings or whatever.
Just stayed in front of PC,
chatted with some peeps,
there goes the Saturday night of mine.

would you love gaining something or anything,
with efforts or without efforts?
Just a random question.
I wouldn't love to see what I have is from nothing,
it would be more exciting if you worked for it,
anything will do.
I don't love people to shower me with gifts,
but, which girl don love gifts?
Not that gifts are a no-no,
but with those expensive ones, NO thanks.
I don't like it when guys buy you gifts,
just for some reason to work on.
I prefer getting anything I want for myself,
than gaining from others.

For now in school,
I love both my girls in class, and not to forget,
JiaErn too. My friend since primary.
without em,
there will be no laughters of mine in school,
I have no one to communicate or to cry towards in class.
JiaErn makes me food almost everyday,
porridge, jellies, cakes and anything else.
They're definitely the reason for me in school,
with em, I wouldn't feel left out, neither bored.

All for now,
chaos my blog.

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