Friday, June 20, 2008

The school trip to USM.
We definitely enjoyed the whole journey.
Was there to visit the gallery and others.

Left school at 9,
here goes the trip.
The monkey boys of my class.

Yeah, this is the school's property.
D40 only.
But pictures taken by my very own camera.
no DSLR yet okay.

they asked me to snap.

The museum gallery.

The archeology exhibition.

Random us.
my bestie.

Us 3, besties in class.
Love em much.


I forgot what's the name,
but this is interesting!
we laughed towards the mic,
then the waves came out.

Traditional malay stuffs.

Star Wars!

Jing Wei ; me ; LayPeng.

I love that lights

Under the neon.

Ooops. aha. I love the effect.

Sorry for the blur pic.
That guy's from our school!


My green contacts,
no effect. whoops.

Was bored.


I love the red printing on the mirror with black background!

ahha random.

Playing with the wayang kulit stuff.


and GO.

I love this picture much.

I don mind if I looked weird here.

They asked me to pose so.

I was bored,
left this at the comment wall.

Thanks to LayPeng,
she asked me to do so.


I like this with the sunlight.

This too.

And this is random.

The guys.

bahh. lame.

Kee Shiung, my buddy too.

Did I mentioned that I made cupcakes?
This was yesterday's.
Finished all already.
Chocolates. drools!
I poured lots of chips in it.

Made lots of new friends nowadays,
mainly not from Malaysia.
Oh well,
I enjoyed my week.
Another weekend's here.
No Penang for me. lazy.
next week will be my hang out day!

This is to Dawcious!
Sorry for the late wish here kay.
Hope you had a blast on your 18th Birthday.

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