Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday, tomorrow's school day AGAIN.
Seriously, I'm sick of everything now.
I don't know why, but just random.
Got up around noon, went to uncle's farm.
There's lots of stuffs there, just our weekend place.

Caught this lil one stealing our durians and fruits.
we call it "musang".

Goose. Geese.

Say hi to this lil one. the goat.

Just started the pineapple plantation.


Chickens hatching eggs.

Baby ones.

See the cage?
There's a monkey in there. HAHA

Spot those plants?
I mean those higher than pineapple plants.
Those are "zatopia" (not sure bout the spelling)
Was told that those can be made into diesel with some other mixtures.

Stayed at home for the entire day,
no outings, no island.
Went dinner with family at night,
StarView, the random place.
Pranked message a friend, was fun. HAHA

Gavin. my personal massager at home.

The next stop after dinner was Hagen Dazs .
The one in Auto City.

Always my favourite, affrogato.

Ta daa. It tastes like heaven to me.

Chocolate explosion or something.

How random, a picture with my dad or should it be my brother?

The random picture of mine.


While paying, there goes my name!

Edited pictures of mine.

The lomography effect.
I love this among all.
It looked perfect, combination of green and blue.
Just exactly ; NATURE.

And this,
spot the houses behind the greens, on the hill.

Both pictures above were taken in China.

The one.

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Charles Key said...

OMG..the goat so cute wei..