Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So it has been so long,
I went for Jaycees Installation in CLHS,
outings, everything and even the campfire just now.

The Sunday,
was suppose to be back home in B'Worth,
later on, got their calls,
so I never went back, but went CLHS.
Oops, were kind of weird, went last minute
but just to support Tett's performance.
Met some fuckface, we made funs too.
My buddy, shouted that bloody girl's name
she eventually turned over, and hi back.
We all laughed, cuz were just making fun over her.
After performance, headed GreenLane MCD.
The night was there, and all for weekend.

Monday, stayed home,Queens at night.
Did a lil shopping with mom.
In the afternoon,
ShanYang & Jack called,
they had an accident, they visited me.
haha, they were too bored in the mechanic's place.

went Gurney;Island in the afternoon,
CampFire night in CLHS,
not a nice one;only met friends.
So well, it rained; MCD-ed.
Fetched Cleo;Joan;Sab;Emily;ShanYang,
headed to the school met up with usual buddies.
Hung around, saw HsinYing and all too.
My schoolmates babeh.
People there were
LiangChieh, Calvin,Victor,Elvin and more.

More pics up SOON

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