Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sick has worsen,
supposed to leave yesterday for home,
but stayed till today,
and staying till tomorrow, the last.
Will be heading Langkawi on Sat,
it's never a good time now, its rainy season.

Not to forgot, Wednesday,
Penang was real jam. every single part of it,
due to the petrol price increase, made things worse.
Ladies night in Glo with my bro Kingzou.
Wasn't really happening, met Samantha there.
Bumped into my real godbro,KeanHin.
Later on met Kenny,Jason,Brandon,Jackson,Joel.
get to know some new ppl from LA.
They're Mark;Dennis and few more.

I went to this restaurant for dinner today,
it was nice;unique;serves good food too.
This is located at Leeth Street,
opposite Bayview Hotel;Next to Equator.

This is the name of it.

Inside the place, were so in-jail feeling.

Blood to be seen everywhere.

Random one of me.Pale;sick

Seeking for attention

Sick people drinks Honey Lemon

This was nice, mix it up, DRINK.
5 juices;5liquors

My Zaru Soba;all time favourite.


The jail curry rice set.

This is funny , I know.

Spiders on your head

Mom next to me.

Love the wall much, can?

I love this neon room so much!

Look at those neon stuffs.

The hole for receipt

The look of it.

Even my shirt was glowing, babeh.
This is more to spooky place.

HELP with love, show the SMILE.

Get m e out of this freaking bloody place.

I love those.with those alcohols!

I wanted to french kiss.

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