Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The durian season of the year.
There goes lots and lots of durians from orchard.
We get all durians from there, eat all ourselves.

And the other day, there was this giant one found inside.

Look, gawd, was much bigger than previous ones.

It's like, so big, too eww to swallow.

I'm not a durian freak.
So, I never had any lately,
only mangosteens.

Well, I went for my hair cut again.
Yes, again on Monday since weeks ago.
Bowen came to pay me a visit that day (monday),
chilled at home then he dropped me there.
Nothing much then.
Went to Sunway after school ; Winter Warmers.
Then chilled around in dad's office, back home.
Uncle Mike came out too, haven't seen him since so last year.

Whoops, hopefully my next weekend KL trip will go on well.

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