Monday, July 28, 2008

It was a quite pretty Sunday ; mood: was happy.
I loved my day although it was rushing.

Got up around 8.30 , prepared and headed to?

camwhored in the car a bit la

I rocked that instead of others, course I think I've neglected it.

The Jail transport, all the officers la.
I thought, how can the prisoner read newspaper?

Reached Ipoh after 45mins, headed for our breakfast.
Wanted DimSum, but it was late, so had noodles.
Instead of Old Town, we went to the shop opposite.

What's this?

White coffee with "leong fun"

The Chee Cheong Fun stall and Yong Tau Fu stall.

Looks tasty, it tasted good too.

Yong tau fu must haves.


After brunch, KL we go.
Stalked this SLK behind the Kedah state Sultan's car I think.
The Sultan's car was being escorted by police .

after 2 hours 45 mins of drive, we reached Sepang.
First place was here.
I chilled inside awhile , met some new friends too.

Dad dropped me off, I only brought my phone, so no pictures.

Chilled there awhile with some friends, then I get to explore more.

After an hour or so, I left to LCCT to meet my dad up.
Had to wait for quite long due to some immigration stuff.
Fetched my stepmom and BACK to Penang.

StarView for dinner AGAIN, this time DIFFERENT.

This was the best for the night.


Scallop, one of my fav since young.

This is how u must look when you're enjoying shark's fins.


Brother ; Gerald ; uncle

Gavin ; Me

And this, I still prefer Shelaiton's.
Sea cucumber ; abalone ; brocolli

Cut ; chew ; swallow.

Gerald enjoying his.

I know I look kind of chubby here, my face is like a ball.

End of the weekend.


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