Friday, July 11, 2008

The Inter-School Sports Day,
Chung Ling.
Penang Private

As usual , I went school for nothing.
Just chilled around, sweating instead.
Perhaps, I went to discipline room for something.

I'd rather let the pictures do the talking aight.

The morning view of my school, was rather empty.

Later on, the ceremony started.
By each society's marching.
Prefects were leading, followed by band.

The band did a great job, seriously.
Although I'm not the kind of fan.

Smart huh?

There goes, the Board of Prefects.

This is the Traffic.

Then Pertahanan Awam as in Civil Defense.

Chung Ling Penang , march better la! haha

Guess what, I met Alan around too.
He was kind of shock when he saw me in the school.

Athletes of my school.

Jiang Tao the high jumper.
His record was 185cm if not mistaken.

Chung Ling Private.


Red Crescent aka PBSM.
Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah

Girl Guides

Boys Brigade.

Marching towards the "stage" place.

GOAL! they were like ants.

Band playing Negaraku and Penang song.

Everyone was stunned.

Band performance.

So, end of ceremony, some events started.


The blue sky in combination with green field.

Random ones.

Chung Ling Private's good in this.

Guess what, they saw this little puppy by the drain.

Closing ceremony.

Chilling in class after the sweats. EWW

Nothing pretty much.


My ex classmate aka buddy ; ZhiLyn

Cute right the bottle?

Advertising my phone.

Skipped Chemistry and stayed in class instead.

End of the day in school which is a Friday.

Was over bored just now,
so I was like having this thought in my mind.
" Why don't I practice parking the car? "
And well, I went downstairs, grab the car key,
started to drove around my house compound.
Reversing, driving, parked and all.
I did it for my parking, not too bad, I parked well.

Currently addicted to series still.
non stop watching it.

Fun or not as u see, HAHA
can ponteng wor

Have a nice weekend.

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