Monday, July 14, 2008

Throughout the weekend,
stayed at home, SO NOT ME.
Seriously I was rotting for both days in weekends.

There was this I don't know/not interested concert,
held in Auto City and well, of course I won't be there.
But I did went to Auto City with family for dinner.

In Shelaiton, with Gavin.
Look at his face, OMG. CHUBBY

And the only picture of the day.
Nothing pretty much , no outings. SOB.

Sunday was not so okay for me as I rotted at home too.
Went dim sum early in the morning with relatives.
Dinner at StarView later at night,
and there goes my day.

Who cares what is that about?
I no longer wanna know anything.
I'm just being in my own life,
I don't need you to be in and mess me up


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