Monday, August 11, 2008

The not so good weekend.
Followed by the not good exam week.

Rotted at home on Saturday, sorry people.
It was brother's birthday then, did not cared tho.
I wasn't in a good mood after all, was grumpy.
Locked myself in the room, chatted online .
Until evening, dad called me for dinner, well, entertained them.
Went Auto City - Chicago Steak House. Foods were nice.
Later on after I came home, off I went to Auto City at 12am again.
This time, with the gang. Dream was it again.
No one familiar over there, until I saw Shian Ru while I left.
Pelita was the next stop for drinks, headed home then.

Got up kind of early, which was around 11.30am?
Headed to island, for lunch - some random ones.
Then CTY, brother wanted to see his stuffs.
And yes, which should I get? Iguana ; Hedgehog ?
I wanted the snake, but not approved for that, FINE.
After it, Gurney was it, yea babe, my fav place for weekends.
Shopped a bit, bought a top and a dress tho.
Got my new tongue stud after dropping the previous one.
The stud was anyhow longer than any others.
Went to Sega , as usual, heineken with fries.
Kenny came in a lil while , then we chilled around.
The no life people like us, rot around the mall.
Walked around ; did nothing ; coffee beans then.
Went to Coffee Beans , to spend time and I left around 6.30.

Start of the day.

On my way, was a casual one.

Love the contact lens colour , the new pair from Geo.



The sun shines, nobody cared.

Haze around still. damn.

In toilet. I know I look kind of shorty here.

For dinner , Gurney Drive's Bali Hai.
Ordered my favourite GeoDuck.
Which is ( jiong bak pong )in canto.
Either in raw way with wasabi and shoyu or dip into soup.

Fish . Don't know what kind of it.

This was great. Some kind of huge prawn not lobsters.

Steamed egg crab with egg white and herbs.
Tasted nice.

Crab eggs = best!

Had a long walk around Gurney after dinner.
I love the walk , when the wind blows, the sea sounds.
Even that there's no one with me, I enjoyed.

Exam week,
there goes,
school holidays!
A week is short, but better than none.
KL KL here I come.
More and more of shopping.
I hope my luggage won't bust.
I'm trying out the Firefly, hope its okay.

Good luck to those having exams.

I hate it when those elderly/adults don keep their words.
They can simply mention this and do that later on.
They taught us to keep promises/words,
but they never bothered themselves whether they do.

Pitbull ; Soulja boys are loves!
I love these when they are played in your car.

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