Monday, September 15, 2008

After school, mom came to fetch me over to Island.
Had my hair cut&Batu Ferringhi for dinner.
Chilled around @home at Hillside.
Wanted to have a walk to beach, but was too far.
I slept real early that night & nothing much.

The usual one.

The aftermath & real short one.

my Saturday much.
Props to them.

Paul & Calvin were doing their *thing*.

Woke up early , had spaghetti for breakfast.
Headed to grandma's place then prepared myself.
Off to Gurney later on, Winter Warmers for lunch.
Ice peach tea; Fruit puffy was all mine, yummy!
Met ShanYang , Hao in megaQ, Jon came later.
Then, followed them for lunch in TCRS.
Mahek came, Joan came a lil while and we all left.
I went up to MegaQ, met Calvin,Jackson,Paul and all.
Me and Calvin went to chill in Segas with jugs of beers.
Jon then came, and we one shot two shot.
Walked around & was all bored, decided to have FUN.
Took some videos around escalator trying to make the water splash.
So well, Mission Failed.
Me,Paul,Victor,Calvin& Brandon was ABOUT to watch show.
Bought tickets before dinner but me,Paul and Calvin never went.
Guess what, we actually had jugs of beers again in Segas.
one shot two shot three shot.
This time, Chia Ee and Eesa came , followed by all.
Jackson , Jil , Kenny , Victor , Brandon.
We played cards & gambled in Segas.
As usual, MegaQ again, then POOF, I went home.
Thanks to Calvin&Victor for dropping me back.

Us in Sega.
I know its a lil blur-ish.

they is ah short


Leg hurts afterall.

Jon ; Calvin ; me.

His red&swollen eyes, Thanks to Paul. HAHA

the hiao-ing Paul

Kenny ; Paul ; Chia Ee

Lil man!

Had lunch at home, mom cooked.

Off to grandma's place.

Traditional prayer's stuff for Mooncake festival.

Mini yams.

Full moon night.

School was bad.

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