Sunday, September 7, 2008

Haven't been really updating my blog. *lazy*
Been rotting in dad's office for nothing.
Was some sales session going on, so I was there to kaypo.
School was usual, nothing worth to shout about.
Non stop of HK series tho, never stop watching.

Some random pictures.

The bicycle that you can actually fold it up.

Office , lazing around.

Thats CK, and thats Gavin with some illusion of hand.

Say that he's cute! He's really cute!

He was then promoting my phone.


Some people is really having fun, enjoying life.
I wanna go Singapore for now.
Then followed by Hong Kong later on,
and Greece if possible,
Maldives too,
perhaps, Europe?
Australia then,
or Hawaii?
Too many places to crave for,
can't wait till I really get to round the world.

I miss everything,
certain people,
certain places,
certain times,
certain ones,
I wonder how it's gonna be.
I want to smile like a kid with no harm,
I want to think like a kid with no pressure,
time flies really fast.
It's then a new day everyday.

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