Thursday, September 25, 2008

I know I've been going out much lately.
Not to be denied , they're great friends.
Been gossiping around the both person non stop still.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday.
Never went out today, I'm lazy.

On a Monday.

Guess where was this place?
It looks like Jusco, not the Queens but BM one.
not too bad, kinda big, but still, I don't quite like.
I prefer Gurney still, evil me ya.

Lil man! he's cute.

The Tan brothers ; Vic & Cal

Okay, this is childish but it was fun to play around.

We were both playing this shooting thingy okay.
Splashing water for I don't know what.

Cal ; Vic ; Felix.

He's got round eyes! LMAO

The horse rider.

The bike rider.


We then went up to the open air car park, to chill.
It was real empty without any cars and we all played.

Pretty sunset, no?

We then climbed up over the wall and posed there.


I'm gonna eat you TONIGHT!

I'm speechless over this.

Victor looked so HUGE here!

the 3 guys, AHH!

Then we went exploring around the mall,
we see nothing but then lots of foods.
BIG APPLE was it.
I bought ; they bought.

These goes the lil man.

and? my pickup of the day.
It's a real bottle not the normal one from Starbucks.
HAHA, I know it's kinda outta my mind, but it's unique.
To hold a hard one instead of the soft one rite?

Wednesday was a movie day.
Queensbay was it after school.
Felix , Su and Vic came over to fetch me, rushed tho.
Then skated awhile in Queens then Vic left.
Later on Su and Chang came over, then we went for movie
- The Other Boelyn Girl - *if I wasn't mistaken*
I was actually hanging around the arcade more than the cinema.
After movie , we came back to Butterworth, to FTZ@cc.
Then Old Town for dinner & home I went & Penang they went. LOL

It's gonna be a week of hols next week.
Selamat Hari Raya people!

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