Monday, September 1, 2008

It was a National Day,
so it is a public holiday today.
Stayed awake till late last night,
talked to friends and off I went to bed.
Sorry that I fell asleep Joey@ehubby(LOL).

Was out yesterday with dad and brother.
Visited my god mom at her place near Youth Park.
Godparents & my god bro Kean Seng was at home tho.
Talked a lil while then we headed for lunch @ Nippon Yataimura.

That's dad and brother & my god mom.

Me and god mom. I wasn't smiling at all. LOL

dogs are not my love. HAHA

Then later on left, bought Baskin Robins tho.
How to not buy when there's 31% off ?

On the way to queens, stuck in jam.

The dress , F 21 in KL.

Did a lot of shopping in Queens tho. Merdeka sales was crazy!
I've been buying a lot nowadays, gotta cut down soon.
How to? Raya sales coming up, then Christmas , OMFG.

Had dinner at some random shop around Macalister Road.
Nearby Komtar, next to Sunway Hotel.
The brown thingy is the pork intestine , although I don't take.
But after the deep frying, and it was darn crispy, so I took.
as a bite-bite can. LOL

Haven't been hanging out in Gurney with em lately.
I miss those Saturdays which we used to.

The Merdeka eve was spent in club.
Mois & Fame both were good enough.
After so long for not visiting club,
at last I did after Glo turned Fame.
Met few friends but not that many as before.

How I wish I could be happy and smile widely.
How I wish I could laugh loudly and not to cry.
Whatever However Anyhow it is,
these no longer matter as I'm doing good.

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